The Heart Marketing

Today I am trapped in the Jakarta highway, and see this huge billboard.

The traffic jam is frustrating. Boring. I realize I am living in the world of curse. Hell. Jakarta is damn hot, dude.

While I maledict this necessarily evil town, I glance to that billboard. I scan like what I do in the crowd of KRL commuter line. I read whatever features that is given.

It’s affecting! Compassionate. I convince that I can’t stop tear jerking when I read it. I start to have my personal reflection. On my life.

“how is my family looks like today?”

“what if I were jogging with mommy this morning?”

“how if I surprise my boyfriend a cute breakfast today?

Things over things are on my mind.

The deep contact of the words written in the billboard is mirroring my personage. I am touched.

It’s human. Really human.

I do appreciate GO-JEK creative content marketing in publishing this emotional story in the huge traffic jam. The people around me may feel the same way. Heartbreaking.

This is heart marketing.

The second story goes below when XL launched its CSR, XL Future Leader, last year. My friends were excited. The geek’s eye were shown. But I did not.

The boom boaster of the advertisement were everywhere. College discussion was colored with typical XL event registration. Amazingly, I did not influence! I didn’t even browse more about the event poster and the form application. I didn’t interested.

What kind of thing is happening to me?

It is the matter of heart preferability

I choose other provider rather than XL for my personal life. I choose it because of reason. My family uses that provider as our official vendor, and we choose it because of its ability to afford national satellite. We use it because this provider is the first signal network we own, since we live in the rural Java. This brand has accompanied us from middle-low to the high family economy.

It’s a matter of patriotism. Somewhat emotionalism. Lol. What sort of persons my family are.

The heart preferability is blind.

You love a product because of your intimate story with it. You choose a brand because of your personal connection with it. It’s like when you face your date. You don’t cheat over him/her because you don’t want to. No matter how beautiful other peoples are, you choose to stay. That’s what I do to XL. Why I refuse.

The third story goes to Fair and Lovely cosmetic. This makeup ads value is incredible. It is sharp.

<iframe width=”700″ height=”525″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The marketing of this brand has to get full applause. They know whom their market most. They know what’s on the chat of their audience. And they know how to cover it up in one minute video advertisement.


The story on the advertisement above is the real happen in the field. Girls talk on go master vs go marry. We really are.

The marketing subject is human. So it should be work like human being. It is the heart marketing.

How Effective The Heart Marketing Works?

Harvard Business Review writes “The New Science of Customer Emotions” on November 2015. Hey said that, when companies connect with customer’s emotions, the payoff can be huge. For example, credit card design for millennials using emotional connection increases the segment from 40% to 70% within a year. Companies should pursue emotional connection to their market. This is the high end science of selling things.

Below are 10 that significantly affect customer value :

and these are the emotional motivators vary by category and brand :

See how the big companies winning market by touching the heart. HBR has identified these surprising result. BMW is emotionally preferable rather than Toyota. While in the financial sectors, Chartes Schwab is win to American Express. Apple has their touchable connection into its customers to Microsoft. Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts. Nike over Adidas. Coca Cola over Pepsi, and Google over Facebook.

The next is how, these brand over another win the public heart?

How To

How to win the heart of people? Touch them. Touch their heart exactly by affording the break-eyed content strategy. Use storytelling. Use the provocative words. Use the emotional motion graphic.

Campaign Live UK reports on 2015 that the good news is that neuroscience now confirms what many marketers have been hedging their bets on for decades: emotional storytelling is the answer to cutting through the noise. It resonates with people in a way that improves brand recall, advocacy and referral.

New BMW Ralph Lauren advertising campaign targets emotion : Joy. In the short clip, BMW tells us, “what you make people feel is just as important as what you make, make joy. If you buy a BMW, you will feel joy”

The following statement of joy does; joy inspires works of art. Joy is timeless. is freedom. is aesthetic. is moving. is innovation. Joy shapes the future. is contagious. has a fanclub. efficient. dynamic.

Microsoft is currently innovating the new art of emotional marketing, told the CMO, Paul Davies. The Cortana, Microsoft digital personal assistant is made to be emphatic. They fuse together the art of storytelling with the science of technology, creating that perfect marriage.

But the people more than fall in love to how Apple communicates. covers the ten rules of Apple’s marketing is prodigious. Simple. Leverage reviews. Big focus on value proposition rather than price. Stand for something. Create experiences, not just product. Speak to audience using their language. Apple developes an aura and mystery around what you are doing. Use visuals. And the uttermost, appeals to emotions.

Watch this emotional ads of The Archives,

<iframe width=”700″ height=”393″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Imagine yourself is your customer. Claim yourself as them. Feel them. Feel how it feels.

The quantitative survey data of marketing strategy has to mix up with the qualitative one. The art of interviewing the people’s heart. The milestone of people’s life. That’s it.

We human.

CEO of General Electric Indonesia, Handry Satriago said these two significant words often times in his public appearance. We human. Talk like human. Think like human. Feel like human. Whoever you are, whatever job title you do and whatever social status you hold.

Winning the people in marketing is winning their heart.

It is your creativity to be pushed to produce incredible hearted blockbuster. Your human way.

Underline the human when you are negotiating. When you are thinking how to increase the SEO traffic. When you are producing things.


We human. They human.

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