Thanks, Soedirman, I am A Proud Designer Today

Let me tell you how a designer thinks as same as General Soedirman.

We have the same glasses to view the world. Yes. Really we have.

Never ending the struggle, battled in hammer and tongs, and compliant to death in the theater of war. Those how media covers the heroes we proud of.

They fought the enemy. Brawled the colonial. Defended the nations.

General Soedirman was one familiar name. The world has told and recorded about how his leadership brings peoples to win the colonial war.

He wasn’t at fit during the war. The medical regime diagnosed that he suppose to death immediately. He got TBC. His lung was ill and had to be dissected. The doctor cut one of his lungs. He deserved to alive but in medical control. He couldn’t walk. He was in the doolie during the war, lifted up by the war squad.

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Soedirman had a brilliant brain. He was a book-worm. He did philosophy. The colonial war needed him to think and design the greatest strategy. Soedirman was the man behind the scenes.

He designed the crowd-pleasing strategy, Gerilya.

Gerilya or guerilla was a tactic to attack the foe when they were asleep on midnight. The army used “hit and go” design to beat the colonial. This strategy worked so load since the army didn’t own any modern sword.

General Soedirman burned the zeal.

“We gotta fight for our country till the end, till we die”

The vigor to win of the army and the tiki-taka took us in victory. We won the battle.

So what a thing about General Soedirman? He did one precious thing. Design. He planned the best fit strategy to beat the colonial.

He solved the problem by design. And that’s what designer really do.

A designer thinks with design thinking. A scheme to mix problem-solving and art. A designer doesn’t only sketch foxy design. Not only create a dazzling shape. No.

We research. We observe. We discover the underpinning problem. We try the possible way of deciphering. We design.

We think as General Soedirman thinks. Call it to design thinking. Art is just art, but the design is art-ish problem-solving.

That’s it. That’s how we do it.

To commemorate the national heroes day, thank you, General Soedirman. For the lesson of design in the battleship. Today I really proud of worth time I spend in entire days, to design and to be a designer.

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