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In recent studies done by AirBnB, The survey findings show that millennials care deeply about travel and consider it an important part of their lives. In fact, the survey showed millennials prioritize travel over buying a home or paying off debt, and prioritize it as much or more than buying a car. Millennials surveyed in the U.S., U.K., and China say that when they think about the next five years, traveling is more important to them (or as important to them) than purchasing a home, paying off debt, or purchasing a car. More millennials also said they set aside money to fund travel than paying off debt, purchasing a car, or purchasing a home.

While in Indonesia, the growing population of mid-class society and increase in GDP within the last few years became one of the triggering factors in consumerism landslide. Millennials are willing to spent more on lifestyle needs rather than the basic needs as decade before, it even show that 37% of respondents were put vacation on the 2nd priority after ‘Saving’.

So, when there are options to earn additional money while they are travelling, would be a nice to have, even within our respondents that we did research on for this product, couple of them are already found options on how they get more money for/while travelling.


is a platform that capacitate buyers/request to find on the sproud travellers network to get their desired items, from all around the globe. How? User posts on GIBBY the item they want, the country where the item is available and set the amount of money they are willing to pay for it. The traveller accepts the request, purchases the requested item from the buyer/requester and delivers it to the buyer when they are back in the homeland.

Product Finding & Identify Potential User

Actually this behaviour has happened and it’s one of potential market in Indonesia with very small player inside, and based on the research we have done, the majority of things happen on Instagram which then continues to WhatsApp for communication media.

So our we want our product to elevate and leverage from both platform into more segmented, curated, and dedicated so both parties (traveller — buyer) able to manage their segmented needs into one app.

First we need to be done is knowing the WHO, WHEN, WHY, WHAT, and the HOW.. and the research were conducted in order to understand the potential users’ background and their journey as traveler and as buyer. With 12 participants that divided into two groups which are “The Traveler” and “The Buyer/Requester”, we found 4 different users’ background. For the traveler, there’s are personas that called “the casual traveler” & “the shopping addict” and for the buyer, there are two type of personas that called “the planned buyer” and “the impulsive buyer”.

Objective – This research were conducted in order to :

  1. Discover the potential users’ background, goals and motivation while using the product.
  2. Discover and understand the users’ behavior specifically about the journey, feeling and pain points of the traveler and the buyer.

What we want to know :

  1. What would makes the traveler and buyer use this product?
  2. What would makes the traveler and buyer not using this product?
  3. What are the pain points that could be solved by using this product?
The Shopping Addict’s Persona
The Shopping Addict’s Journey

#The Shopping Addict

Motivation to use the product are because :

  1. They need additional pocket money for holiday and
  2. Channeling their shopping hobby. Along the journey to buy the requested items during holiday, the major pain points found during confirmation and payment process with the following details,
  3. Customer tend to not responsive when the traveler confirm the item details before the departure day and during the holiday
    Customer tend to not responsive when the traveler ask for down payment
    The traveler get they payment delayed if the buyer using pooling payment method, while on the other hand, the traveler need the money for their holiday
The Planned Buyer’s Persona
The Planned Buyer’s Journey

#Planned Buyer/Requester

Motivation to use the product is to collect their own ‘toys’ which unavailable in their country. The major pain point found when finding a traveler, tip calculation and confirmation process with the following details

  1. No guarantee that they’ll get the traveler esp. to buy their rare collection
  2. The tip will be very expensive if the calculation is based on the item’s price
  3. The traveler tend to not respond to update the item’s status during holiday

#The Impulsive Buyer/Requester

Motivation to use the product is to get suggestion about the interesting items. The major pain point found when they need to find the item and during the confirmation process with the following details,

  1. The touchpoint to get the suggestion is limited inside the application and there’s no prompt such as push notification that will persuade the to buy
  2. They more likely to use instagram where they’re able to found interesting item to buy easily
  3. The traveler tend to not responsive to update the item’s status during holiday


Prioritisation to Solve the Existing Problems

After intensive research we sat down and discussed lot of things for weeks with the founders, alongside with their business and operational team, what area we should focusing for our first customer acquisition, pricing strategy, et. finally, we marked down several things we need to address correctly to solve problems, such as :

As UX Designer you are responsible connecting the dots between business, user, and technical, thus we can deliver the most visible option.

  1. Confirmation and Notification on every crucial aspect (confirmation whether the requested item available or not, already bought it or not, etc)
  2. Majority Buyer/Requester are already know what they want, added up from how things done on other platform/competitor, don’t push to hard suggesting items.
  3. Payment Strategy. Escrow? Direct?
  4. How about the Payment Options, Fixed? Based on Price ?
  5. How & When to pull the rating system for the buyer and traveler ?
  6. How to Connect the buyer and the traveler with in app chat ?
  7. How to Accommodate 2types of user within single App ?
  8. etc..

The Design

We were far away from what they called “ ideal process”, we’ve been back and forth, finding — validating — iterating! countlessly and endlessly. As we believe, every business are unique, and based on our experience, forcing some method for just the sake of “theoretically correct by the book” could be a backfire. So what we’ve done was gradually introduce our client (which weren’t savvy enough) to the correct methodology and how it should be done and why.

as for the Design itself, we spent quite a few weeks learning how the existing behaviour, how the transaction from requester and the traveler has been done, and so on.

Scheme on how to make the transition from Requester to Traveler
1st High Fidelity iteration


Actually, back in mid 2018 after almost year of development, we were almost ready to put in on the store, but recent finding and usability test result found something fundamental and kicked us back to iterate it lil-bit more, so after we did usability test on small sample of users, we found that most of the time BUYER always waiting in uncertainty thus there were few TRAVELLER around. it made us re-thinking again the business model for this app

What we did was switched the focus to push more traveller and the profesional jastiper to engage with the app predominantly, thus make buyer have lot of choice on whats available and whatsnot. Because of that we decided to hold back the release date and create one big game changing feature! LIVESHOP.

the idea of Liveshop is, as profesional jastip or casual traveler, we are able to create listing immediately without any prior due to traveling plan, let say Im a professional jastip that spending weekend on local shopping mall then I see sale from one of the merchant there.. I can easily create listing and live directly with the app!

so the aftermath, from there we did lot of changes on both interaction and user interface.

We finally did soft-launch the app within the BigBadWolf event in Jakarta at March 1st, 2019

People register as Jastiper at GIBBY’s booth— Image ©Yunita

tho, there are still dossier of bugs and error here and there.. :p

Download on Android and iOS

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