How We Help Urban People in Indonesia to Get Fresh Organic Foods Directly from the Farmer with Sayurbox

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Indonesia is not always an easy coup. There is so much hassle to get fresh and healthy food. Supermarkets are not always providing you with organic foods and it may take many hours to visit organic farms outside the town.

About Sayurbox

Sayurbox is trying to solve this problem. Provide you with hassle-free fresh and healthy food access, no chemical pesticide or fertilizers, right on your doorstep.

There are few similar online grocery services in Indonesia. What sets Sayurbox apart from its competitors is you are shopping directly from the farmer and know exactly who is growing your food by having the farmer profile on your screen.

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First Thing First : Understanding the Product

At uxmarker, we divide our design process into three phases; Pre-Development, Development, and Post-Development.

Pre-Development Phase
In this phase, we count more heavily on understanding the product and digging deeper into it. Starting with understanding the business, identifying current users, getting to know about engineering team, analyzing competitors, and most importantly is identifying the impact made by this product to the users, so that we could create improvement for further development.

In this phase, we conducted an In-Depth Interview with some of the current active users who already made transaction with Sayurbox. We also had a chat with Sayurbox’s internal team to gain insight as much as possible, this made us easily understood about user concern while using Sayurbox’s product. From the in-depth interview we are able to get lot of insight. As first step we defined the Persona and User Journey (2 to be shown below)

Blurred Detail for Business Restriction, Opps Sorry
User Journey (due to business restriction , sorry that we can’t show more detailed information for this publication)

The Objective

Sayurbox brings the farm to table concept. Every product delivered is freshly produced from the local farm, so customers could just shop directly from the farmer. This innovation is cutting the complex supply chain and food distribution.

Our main objective is to make a mobile application for Sayurbox that easy to use and prioritize user interaction so that we can increase its engagement. Then we broke down our main activities into four aspects that will be tested with the following details:

  1. Learnability : To find out about how the users will complete the task and achieve their goals when using the product
  2. Efficiency : To find out about the time that they need to complete the task
  3. Errors : To find out about user difficulties when using the product
  4. Satisfaction : To find out about satisfaction level of product regarding the apps

Dive in the water

After conducted pieces of research in Pre Development Phase, we dived deeper into the next stage.

Development Phase
This phase included of making flowchart, high-fidelity mockup, and user validation.

In the end, we’ll able to provide the best solution tailored for Sayurbox product.

Flowchart in the making
Lo-fi mockup

In order to get immediate feedback from users, while we are still working on the high-fidelity design, we mainly focused working on the screen that might relate to the valuable information as stated before. So, we didn’t eat a lot of time to wait all of the designs to be completed to validate the data.

User Validation and Testing

Sayurbox’s majority target market are mommies within 27–40 years old. So, this stage needs to put them to validate and test the product prototype.

We tested eight people with the same prompts described in user persona.

  • User is someone who has used Sayurbox service for at least three times.
  • Non-User is someone who never uses and doesn’t familiar with Sayurbox.

We broke down the details as two criteria, Task and Test Case. With one Taskcan accommodate multiple Test Case, like shown below.

Ex : One of Main Task for Usability Testing

From total seven Main Tasks for Usability Testing we’ve done, we gathered lot of information as stated on Raw Data below, we recorded all the respondents behavior on how they interacted and how they described on every move they made for the entire session.

Raw Data

We analyzed the raw data to make it easier for us and client to decide which features are able to be implemented on the product MVP and some alteration for the upcoming version. According to that, we created percentage table to understand what user need to be fixed on the product MVP by the weight.

Observation Result

Design, Validate, Iterate. Repeat!!

We ain’t there yet. We still got Post-Development phase to ensure product sustainability. After launch the upshot, we will ask feedback to the users about Sayurbox’s latest product and conducted another usability testing to iterate our design.

In this fast-changing environment, we can’t just set back and chill after our product launched and hit the market. We believe that we need to keep iterate and re-thinking about the best solution we could provide to our clients.

This process is going to be never-ending-story- stage, that come out into our breakfast day by day, and will repeat back and forth until we find the real market fit product.


Healthy lifestyle is still brokenly underestimated by majority people in Indonesia. It seems impossible, because the state of living with junk food and instant seasons are preferable since the organic vegetables are nowhere.

But now, with Sayurbox presence, looking for a fresh healthy organic food would be so much easier than before. By this incredible design collaboration, we aspire Sayurbox could tackle classic food distribution and hygiene issues in Indonesia. Shop Now!!

Jakarta Farm-to-Table Vegetables
Description : Sayurbox memanen dan mengantarkan Sayuran dan Buah Organik Segar tanpa pestisida dari petani lokal secara…

Download on iOS or Android

Sayurbox wins Seedstars Jakarta, will represent Indonesia in world final stage in Switzerland
Seedstars Jakarta also named Shipper and AyoSlide as second and third winners of the startup

Last but not least, we’d like to congratulate Sayurbox for their win on Seedstars Jakarta and good luck for being Indonesia representative at the Seedstars Asia Regional Summit in Bangkok this November and the Seedstars Global Summit in Switzerland in April 2018, to compete for the chance to win US$1 million equity investment. As a partner, we are more than happy to hear our client achieve such a great acknowledgement.

It is design that crack the social problem. It is innovation idea that drive us here to take a role solving one of the sucks cases in the country.

Good bye naughty vegetables, welcome the healthy and fresh! We couldn’t wait to see the happy smiles of the farmers, and the fitter consumers next with this innovation.

EditorAngga Pradikta

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